A patented, stress focused, risk control methodology, comprising multiple stages of analysis and testing to Map Product DNA:

Design Limit   Nature of Failure  Actual Life

Intelligent Reliability reveals product weaknesses and generates design solutions in the early stages of development and prototyping already. It creates a robust connection between development and field, preventing costly recalls.

Intelligent Reliability supports OEMs to generate SORs and LASTENHEFTE. It leads the field in controlling risk for the introduction of new hydrotronic and mechatronic components without historical information.



Patented test systems with embedded Intelligent Reliability algorithms to profile and control the Stress-Drivers (interface parameters) simultaneously. It automatically trends performance and internal stresses to determine the gap to failure.

KXC generates the experimental Product DNA Map against all Stress-Drivers, replicating real-world complexity through stress interactions.

KXC DNA Generator is an All-in-One reliability solution. It can be configured to qualify automotive, aviation, industrial, nuclear, and defence system components.

KXC provides OEMs, Tier-ones, and part suppliers with a common and repeatable reliability benchmark throughout the product life cycle (R&D, production, field).



Kepstrum’s DSP “DNA Structured Platform”, is a computer-aided analytical implementation of Intelligent Reliability Methodology (IRM).

It is a multi-user, multi-project, enterprise software, enabling engineers to map the Product DNA of their components, in the early stages of development and prototyping.

DSP provides the main engine for Digital Twin, from Digital Specification to Digital DNA for products. DSP is a necessity in the era of Industry 4.0