Turn Knowledge Into a Transferable Asset

The evolving landscape of engineering industries, influenced by technological advancements, changing customer needs, and regulatory shifts, has placed an unprecedented demand on engineering organizations to upgrade and develop new technologies at break-neck speeds. Central to meeting these challenges is an organization’s ability to effectively use its engineers’ collective know-how, and convert individual experiences and knowledge into lasting, accessible, and transferable assets. This transition requires overcoming the limitations of traditional file-based knowledge management and risks such as organizational silos, the opportunity costs of immobilized experience, outdated practices, and challenges in integrating new engineers.

Our paper, “Traceable Knowledge,” introduces Kepstrum’s DNA Structured Platform (DSP) as a solution to capture and make an organization’s knowledge easily traceable. As an integrated knowledge management and virtual system work platform, DSP provides the tools for Advanced Engineering teams to digitize their knowledge, trace decision-making processes, and adopt a model-based development strategy based on the use of physics-based models. Read the paper to learn more about the importance of establishing a traceable knowledge system in tackling the problems of the future.